Going to Extremes in 2020

Is it a coincidence that as the climate in which we live is thrown out of balance — becoming increasingly unpredictable and extreme — that by freakishly bad luck we happen to elect the most unpredictable and extreme president in memory? This is what dystopia really looks like to me: a government completely unable toContinue reading “Going to Extremes in 2020”

Worst heat in 141 years: “It’s summer,” says George Will

The inability of climate change deniers to admit the possibility that the heat wave that baked the eastern U.S. for nearly two weeks might be connected to global warming has assumed absurd proportions.  On Sunday, on ABC's "This Week," George Will waved off the possibility in his contemptuous way:  “You asked us — how doContinue reading “Worst heat in 141 years: “It’s summer,” says George Will”

Meet the New Boss: Progressive Capitalism

I’m not a big fan of David Brooks, and think he’s far more of an ideologue and less of a free-thinker than he realizes, but when he’s right, he’s right. We as a nation have turned a corner. For better or worse, a new era awaits us: Progressive Capitalism Over the next few years, theContinue reading “Meet the New Boss: Progressive Capitalism”

Too Busy for Beauty

Would passers-by notice if one of the greatest violinists in the world today worked the street in Washington, D.C.? Today the Washington Post magazine runs a fascinating piece by Gene Weingarten called Pearls Before Breakfast to find out. The answer, essentially, is "no." But there were a couple of exceptions. One was a former violinist:Continue reading “Too Busy for Beauty”