Experts Agree on Rain Forecast: It’ll Be Dry. Or Not.

If you talk to the National Weather Service, they will tell you (link) that we're in an "ENSO-neutral" condition, and for that reason they're unwilling to predict the upcoming rain season in our region. But according to this typically excellent story from Rob Krier at the San Diego Union-Tribune, many forecasters who spoke at aContinue reading “Experts Agree on Rain Forecast: It’ll Be Dry. Or Not.”

Homeless Man Convicted for Day Fire

In an attempt to control huge fires such as the Day Fire, which in 2006 burned through Ventura County for over a month, consuming over 160,000 acres of chaparral, Federal prosecutors took forest dweller Steven Emory Butcher to court. On Friday he was convicted of starting the Day Fire. This gives prosecutors the option ofContinue reading “Homeless Man Convicted for Day Fire”

Save the Rain! Take Action Tomorrow

From about 12:00 to 2:00 tomorrow in Ventura on 1900 Spinnaker Drive near the harbor, Bill McKibben’s national Step It Up! campaign will demonstrate in support of action to preserve the loveliness of our climate. Lois Capps has been invited, and Supervisors Steve Bennett and John Flynn are expected, as well as Carol Miller, theContinue reading “Save the Rain! Take Action Tomorrow”

Risk of Wildfires Recedes in VC

Good news for residents of Ventura County: although the Ranch Fire is listed as being only 10% under control, it’s not nearly the threat it was two days ago. From Inciweb: Last night fire crews and structural protection engine crews reported that the night operations went extremely well with no surprises. In the early evening,Continue reading “Risk of Wildfires Recedes in VC”

A Little News about Upper Ojai

We live out in the country, where folks still ride horses and manage oil wells, and my kids attended the cutest little grammar school, called Summit, which was founded in l911. All these years later it’s still cute and still short on funds. Here’s a post I wrote for an Ojai site about a communityContinue reading “A Little News about Upper Ojai”

The Return of the Wild

The Channel Islands, off the coast of Southern California, turn out to be shockingly big and wild and, with the exception of Catalina, undeveloped. Nonetheless some of the best lands, such as Santa Cruz Island, have been ravaged by decades of ranching — 100,000 sheep at one point. But in the last twenty years, underContinue reading “The Return of the Wild”

Mine Plans Surprise Ventura County

In the last month, three different companies have announced plans to mine rock and gravel for development purposes near Ventura County. East of the county, Cemex Inc of Arizona announced plans to mine rock on Soledad Canyon Road. As discussed in the Santa Clarita edition of the "Daily News" from last Friday, "the project includesContinue reading “Mine Plans Surprise Ventura County”