Antarctic ice in broad-scale retreat: USGS

According to the USGS, the Antarctic ice shelves contain about 91% of the world's frozen water. So news that they are melting across the full extent of the planet's coldest continent, and have been steadily since l949 because of global warming, is not great news, despite what deniers such as George Will call the "tantrums"Continue reading “Antarctic ice in broad-scale retreat: USGS”

The Melting in Antartica: Much Worse Than Predicted

Yale's potent Environment 360 site interviews a leading glaciologist, Richard Bindschadler, and hears some alarming news about the melt in the coastal Pine Island and Thwaites ice shelves…. e360: I know that the IPCC was saying maybe 1 ½ feet or a half-meter of sea level rise in the 21st century. Is it your opinionContinue reading “The Melting in Antartica: Much Worse Than Predicted”

The Bushian View of Antarctica

Tom Toles of the Washington-Post is the editorial cartoonist most concerned with the fate of the natural world, by far, but he’s also the editorial cartoonist best able to find humor in our Prez’s view of the world, sez me. It’s a balancing act that leads to some unforgettable visions…even in his sketches.