Worst heat in 141 years: “It’s summer,” says George Will

The inability of climate change deniers to admit the possibility that the heat wave that baked the eastern U.S. for nearly two weeks might be connected to global warming has assumed absurd proportions.  On Sunday, on ABC's "This Week," George Will waved off the possibility in his contemptuous way:  “You asked us — how doContinue reading “Worst heat in 141 years: “It’s summer,” says George Will”

Tracking 2010: in the race for the hottest year ever

The famous columnist George Will drives even his fellow editorial writers a little nuts with his condescending dismissal of global warming. As the LA Times wrote in an editorial yesterday: You probably won't hear it from columnist George F. Will, Fox News commentators or the plethora of conservative blogs that have claimed global warming essentiallyContinue reading “Tracking 2010: in the race for the hottest year ever”

Antarctic ice in broad-scale retreat: USGS

According to the USGS, the Antarctic ice shelves contain about 91% of the world's frozen water. So news that they are melting across the full extent of the planet's coldest continent, and have been steadily since l949 because of global warming, is not great news, despite what deniers such as George Will call the "tantrums"Continue reading “Antarctic ice in broad-scale retreat: USGS”

George Will Ignores Facts on Climate Change Again

In a column last Thursday, George Will once again ignored one of the most basic facts established this century about climate change. I'm not talking about his claims that global warming has reached a "plateau" in which it is likely to remain. That canard has already been shot down by a dozen or so reputableContinue reading “George Will Ignores Facts on Climate Change Again”

George Will is an Irresponsible Jerk

Okay, that's putting it bluntly, and perhaps on matters besides global warming, Will is a trustworthy friend, a good father, faithful husband, a and so on and so forth. On all that, I have no idea. But when it comes to climate change, Will is the bow-tied personification of another George — Bush. He's incuriousContinue reading “George Will is an Irresponsible Jerk”

George Will Misleads on Global Warming Again, Slapped on Wrist

This Sunday George Will,who is supposedly a serious thinker and not just a right-wing partisan, wrote his second Sunday column in a row about global warming. Just as he had the Sunday before, based on a septic Daily Tech item, he claimed that a) there has been no global warming since l997-l998, and b) globalContinue reading “George Will Misleads on Global Warming Again, Slapped on Wrist”

Global Reality vs. George Will

Sunday in the Washington Post, in the news: The pace of global warming is likely to be much faster than recent predictions, because industrial greenhouse gas emissions have increased more quickly than expected and higher temperatures are triggering self-reinforcing feedback mechanisms in global ecosystems, scientists said Saturday. "We are basically looking now at a futureContinue reading “Global Reality vs. George Will”

The One-Stop Guide to Republican Politics

An anecdote from the campaign trail: A Republican financial expert recalls attending a dinner with McCain for the purpose of discussing with him domestic and international financial complexities that clearly did not fascinate the senator. As the dinner ended, McCain's question for his briefer was: "So, who is the villain?" from George Will's column todayContinue reading “The One-Stop Guide to Republican Politics”

George Will: GOP the Most Leftist Administration in History

George Will, the alleged intellectual who still questions the science of global warming, also questions the need for a bailout, arguing, essentially, that it’s socialism with a conservative face. (Or as David Brooks calls it, progressive capitalism.) Will appears so ticked he can’t even bear to mention the name of George Bush, whom he hasContinue reading “George Will: GOP the Most Leftist Administration in History”

Conservatives Bicker over Global Warming: Businessmen Lead

It’s the strangest thing: conservatives, Republicans, and partisans on the right continue to squabble over global warming–is it real, should we act?–even as huge corporations call for exactly the sort of emissions-reductions measures that Al Gore and countless other Democrats want to see enacted. The latest example is the third-largest American oil company, now knownContinue reading “Conservatives Bicker over Global Warming: Businessmen Lead”