Cheney, Dust, and Bob Dylan

Marc Ambinder (here) explains how the GOP is putting its foot into its mouth, or shooting itself in the foot…or some combination thereof. Each time Cheney opens his mouth, the DNC — or Robert Gibbs, if he's in the mood — finds a way to reduce Republican opposition to President Obama's plans to the wordsContinue reading “Cheney, Dust, and Bob Dylan”

Monsters in the Wilderness: the GOP Regroups

Paul Krugman is not just a Nobel Prize-winning economist. He's also a writer with real power and economy — one of the best columnists in the country. Here's an example, from a Wednesday post: ….for the past 14 years America‚Äôs political life has been largely dominated by, well, monsters. Monsters like Tom DeLay, who suggestedContinue reading “Monsters in the Wilderness: the GOP Regroups”

Are Bush and Cheney Trying to Get McCain Defeated?

Monday Dick Cheney makes a hillbilly/incest joke at West Virginia’s expense, and after all the notable politicians in the state — Republicans and Democrats alike — protest, has to take it back. Tuesday Bush reveals that "we’ll be in Iraq for forty years"  thus perfectly reinforcing McCain’s gaffe about being in Iraq for 100 years.Continue reading “Are Bush and Cheney Trying to Get McCain Defeated?”

The Bushian View of Antarctica

Tom Toles of the Washington-Post is the editorial cartoonist most concerned with the fate of the natural world, by far, but he’s also the editorial cartoonist best able to find humor in our Prez’s view of the world, sez me. It’s a balancing act that leads to some unforgettable visions…even in his sketches.