The GOP and the Oil Industry: Afraid of Barack

It’s pitiful but unsurprising that the GOP has become the party of "drill, baby, drill." As someone wise (I forget who) said somewhere on the Internet, it’s almost as troubling as that time long ago in the 60’s, when the Left became the party of "burn, baby, burn." (I’d like to think both the RightContinue reading “The GOP and the Oil Industry: Afraid of Barack”

No One Frames an Election Better than Bill Clinton

As Barack Obama, Matt Miller (of the influential radio show Left, Right and Center), and now Frank Rich of The New York Times all agreed, a well-known Democrat gave one heck of a speech this week at the Democratic National Convention. No one frames an election better than Bill Clinton. Here, I think, is theContinue reading “No One Frames an Election Better than Bill Clinton”

How Barack Can Reach Out to Disaffected White Males

Simple: Talk to Merle Haggard. Charm the SOB, just a little. He’s waiting to be asked. Back when Barack was duking it out with Hillary for the Democratic nomination, Joe Klein for Time interviewed the country music legend (here). Klein argues, with justification, that Haggard has his "guitar hardwired to the gutbucket pulse of MiddleContinue reading “How Barack Can Reach Out to Disaffected White Males”

Obama as a Community Organizer: Left v. Right

Now that a former community organizer is running for the White House, reporters from both the right (Byron York, from the National Review) and, arguably, the left (the Boston Globe) have visited his former stomping grounds in Chicago, and reported on what folks there think about Barack Obama. It’s a case of the dog thatContinue reading “Obama as a Community Organizer: Left v. Right”

Big Mo: Landslide Win Predicted for Obama in Missouri

Jay Roberts, an experienced St. Louis pol, tells Off the Bus: "We’re going to be one of the top four-to-six battlegrounds and at the end of the day, we’re going to go blue and take back a state that has historically been Democratic — and that includes sweeping a new Democratic governor, Jay Nixon, intoContinue reading “Big Mo: Landslide Win Predicted for Obama in Missouri”

Fakes Right, Goes Left: Obama’s Favorite Move

Barack Obama became obsessed with basketball at one point in his life, not as a high schooler, surprisingly, but in law school. You can see that love and skill in action if you watch the Bryant Gumbel special below on his game. In the segment, for the first time on television since he was aContinue reading “Fakes Right, Goes Left: Obama’s Favorite Move”

“Humility and Remorse”: A Southern Baptist Conversion on Climate Change

Jonathan Merritt is a young theologian in Atlanta who broke into the national conversation this month by championing within the conservative Southern Baptist faith the declaration of a new set of principles regarding creation care and climate change. While noting continuing debate on some global warming questions, the declaration made a point of stating thatContinue reading ““Humility and Remorse”: A Southern Baptist Conversion on Climate Change”