The moment when our leaders gave up on saving the world

Not my words, but those of Die Spiegel, the leading German publication, which released a recording of what was said inside the room among top leaders from around the world in Cophenhagen, in December 2009, in negotiations to save the climate. Their reporters wrote: The West, [then French President Nicholas] Sarkozy said, had pledged to reduceContinue reading “The moment when our leaders gave up on saving the world”

Why China Needs to Think About Climate

James Fallows, a wonderful writer and blogger for the Atlantic, is not one to panic, but when it comes to the ice at the roof of the world — upon which hundreds of millions of people depend — he sounds scared. Here's his post from today, on what Obama should be talking about on hisContinue reading “Why China Needs to Think About Climate”

China vs. the USA: Blaming the Other for Climate Change

This blog person hasn't spent much time on the climate legislation currently stalled in the Senate, not believing — sadly — it has much if any chance of passage. This position was bolstered by a blunt commentary from the NYTimes funniest columnist Gail Collins, who ranted to David Brooks: An energy bill is much harderContinue reading “China vs. the USA: Blaming the Other for Climate Change”