The natural art of the High Sierra: James McGrew

Yosemite Blog, as a sort of note to encourage us all to apply for the High Sierra Camp lottery, features the young artist/wilderness guide James McGrew, who has been going to these inexhaustible mountains since the age of four, and seems to have gained a pretty good understanding, as seen in his painting: This depictsContinue reading “The natural art of the High Sierra: James McGrew”

The moment when our leaders gave up on saving the world

Not my words, but those of Die Spiegel, the leading German publication, which released a recording of what was said inside the room among top leaders from around the world in Cophenhagen, in December 2009, in negotiations to save the climate. Their reporters wrote: The West, [then French President Nicholas] Sarkozy said, had pledged to reduceContinue reading “The moment when our leaders gave up on saving the world”

White House Officials Choreograph Torture Sessions

Political playwrights around the world sat up and paid attention this evening — or should have — as for the first time details about how the Bush administration "choreographed" the torture of Al Qaeda suspects became public. According to ABC NEWS, via TPM, a group called The Principals gathered in the White House to discussContinue reading “White House Officials Choreograph Torture Sessions”