The fires this time, in Paradise and SoCal

A WSJ video look at the fire that destroyed Paradise a couple of days ago — destroying even big box stores, McDonalds, etc — and another fire that is is now moving through Thousand Oaks towards Malibu, destroying (reportedly) even fire stations. Scary stuff.

The soar into the stratosphere of the 1%

As one news organization after another has gotten on board the income inequality bandwagon, the graphics have gotten ever telling. Each seems to be competing to best tell the story graphically. The WSJ had an especially good set of interactive graphics on Inequality in America lately. But here's the simplest and perhaps the best toContinue reading “The soar into the stratosphere of the 1%”

The real split in global warming politics: Young vs old

A great Washington Wire column in the Wall Street Journal quantifies the true political split on the queston of global warming. It's not Republican vs. Democrat. It's old versus young. In the words of pollster Dante Chinni: While politicians and the media tend to focus on the Democratic/Republican divide on the issue, the real splitContinue reading “The real split in global warming politics: Young vs old”

Wall Street Journal vs. James Hansen on 2012 temps

In an editorial this weekend in the Wall Street Journal, columnist Holman Jenkins scoffed at the reporting of the NOAA statement that 2012 was the hottest year ever in the instrumental record in these United States. Jenkins wrote:  When the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says 2012 was the hottest year on record in theContinue reading “Wall Street Journal vs. James Hansen on 2012 temps”

How to start a conversation: David Brooks

David Brooks, the conservative columnist for The New York Times, can be irritating to a Californian:  During his first term, President Obama faced a wicked problem: How do you govern in a highly polarized, evenly divided country with House Republicans who seem unwilling to compromise?  The GOP did not "seem" to be unwilling to compromise.Continue reading “How to start a conversation: David Brooks”

The heroism of the unemployed (well, almost)

According to the Federal Reserve, it's not true that benefits for the unemployed leads to more unemployment. In the words of the government economists: Our analyses suggest that extended UI benefits account for about 0.4 percentage point of the nearly 6 percentage point increase in the national unemployment rate over the past few years. ItContinue reading “The heroism of the unemployed (well, almost)”