Michigan Congressman attacks EPA, ignores constituents

Fred Upton, the newly-named chairman of the House Commerce and Energy Committee, was once a moderate Republican on climate issues. He supported measures to reduce the risk of global warming. But after receiving a $20,000 donation from the climate-change-denying-fossil-fuel-billionaire Koch brothers, Upton now wants to strip the EPA of its Supreme Court-mandated power to regulateContinue reading “Michigan Congressman attacks EPA, ignores constituents”

Billionaire brothers take control of House committee

Just when a sensible person is ready to throw in the towel on The Los Angeles Times, figuring it no longer has the will or the resources to cover national news, on Sunday they put on the front page a first-rate story that reveals how the multi-billionaire Koch brothers, aka The Kochtopus, have come toContinue reading “Billionaire brothers take control of House committee”