The blindness of GOP climate denial: USA Today

As those radicals at USA Today put it: The National Climate Assessment, released this week, adds to a mounting and overwhelming body of evidence that the effects of rising temperatures are here and now — and that even higher sea levels, more extreme weather and water shortages are in our future if nothing is done. AddressingContinue reading “The blindness of GOP climate denial: USA Today”

Killer heat wave breaks Dust Bowl-era records

It's "folly" to blame the killer heat wave blanketing the eastern United States under misery on global warming, says climate change denier Anthony Watts, because, after all, the entire globe isn't suffering a heat wave. No, seriously: The is weather, not climate. It is caused by a persistent blocking high pressure pattern. In a day orContinue reading “Killer heat wave breaks Dust Bowl-era records”

Living alone and liking it: Wave of the future?

Not everyone is afraid of being alone; in fact, reports sociologist Eric Klinenberg in a sterling essay (with charts!) in the juggernaut known as The New York Times, about 40% of households in prosperous cities such as San Francisco and Boston are inhabited by "singletons," and up to 50% in D.C. and NYC.  The decision toContinue reading “Living alone and liking it: Wave of the future?”

“We will not leave our problems for our children unresolved”: Marco Rubio

Senator-elect Marco Rubio gave a fascinating speech Tuesday night in Florida. It's been widely broadcast, major portions even on All Things Considered, but hasn't been available in print on the Web (not that I have found, anyhow). So here, as a public service, let me present the two-edged sword of Republican idealism and denial.  Americans believeContinue reading ““We will not leave our problems for our children unresolved”: Marco Rubio”

The future won’t be futuristic, says Douglas Coupland

Or it won't feel futuristic, according to Douglas Coupland, one of our most visionary novelists (inventor of the great phrase McJob, which today seems more apt than ever). Of the future, he says: It's simply going to feel weird and out-of-control-ish, the way it does now, because too many things are changing too quickly. TheContinue reading “The future won’t be futuristic, says Douglas Coupland”

We Did Not Come Here to Fear the Future

The conclusion of a great speech last night by some guy named Barack:  I understand that the politically safe move would be to kick the can further down the road — to defer reform one more year, or one more election, or one more term. But that is not what the moment calls for. That'sContinue reading “We Did Not Come Here to Fear the Future”