Rock and Roll Will Never Die–Even on a Warming Globe

Here’s some good news. The wonderfully un-great Spinal Tap will do a reunion gig as part of Al Gore’s rock concert series to raise money and consciousness against global warming. "They’re not that environmentally conscious, but they’ve heard of global warming," [explained their number one fan Rob Reiner.] "Nigel thought it was just because heContinue reading “Rock and Roll Will Never Die–Even on a Warming Globe”

Global Warming Extinction: One Species Takes Note

Does Toles know something the rest of us don’t? As far as I can tell, the GOP has little interest in global warming, and no interest in preventing the extinction of vast numbers of our fellow mortals. Despite the fact that numerous anecdotal accounts suggest that the younger generation is turning against the GOP, mostlyContinue reading “Global Warming Extinction: One Species Takes Note”

Environmentalism: What We Really Think

In New York magazine, Kurt Andersen has an excellent look at the state of environmentalism, based on a Gallup Poll that came out this week. The poll, in all frankness, doesn’t seem to have gotten much below the surface. It does indicate that a vast majority of Americans (89%) recycle, and a substantial majority haveContinue reading “Environmentalism: What We Really Think”

Newsweek Blesses Richard Lindzen, Ignores Pay-Offs from Western Fuels

Tomorrow Newsweek will publish an op-ed by well-known climate-change contrarian Richard Lindzen, in which he argues that global warming is nothing to worry about and may even be a good thing. "Why So Gloomy?" he wonders, adding "a warmer climate could be more beneficial than the one we have now." Reminds me of Voltaire’s famousContinue reading “Newsweek Blesses Richard Lindzen, Ignores Pay-Offs from Western Fuels”

Conservatives Bicker over Global Warming: Businessmen Lead

It’s the strangest thing: conservatives, Republicans, and partisans on the right continue to squabble over global warming–is it real, should we act?–even as huge corporations call for exactly the sort of emissions-reductions measures that Al Gore and countless other Democrats want to see enacted. The latest example is the third-largest American oil company, now knownContinue reading “Conservatives Bicker over Global Warming: Businessmen Lead”

Chief Justice Roberts Loses a Big One

The Supreme Court is not just the highest court in the land, it is also the forum in which our nation’s most pressing issues are debated most rigorously, with precedents, transcripts, questions, and  arguments both oral and written. Congressional hearings, campaign speeches, press conferences and the like all have their time and place, but forContinue reading “Chief Justice Roberts Loses a Big One”