The “fiscal cliff” and the climate cliff: Tom Toles

A month ago the environmental Time reporter Bryan Walsh, commenting on Paul Krugman and the fiscal cliff, laid out the basic equivalence between these two crises, one manufactured, the other real:  The fiscal crisis and global warming are both, to put it bluntly, problems for tomorrow. Even if Congress can’t come to an agreement toContinue reading “The “fiscal cliff” and the climate cliff: Tom Toles”

Cutting government in a time of “natural” disasters

Krugman has some words for it (Sandy vs. Katrina):  Consider, in particular, the history of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Under President George H. W. Bush, FEMA became a dumping ground for unqualified political hacks. Faced with a major test in the form of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the agency failed completely. Then Bill ClintonContinue reading “Cutting government in a time of “natural” disasters”

Severe weather in 2010: food price inflation in 2011

As I've said before, it's just not fair that Paul Krugman is not only the best lefty writing about the economy, he's also the lefty best able to write about the consequences of global warming. 

From today's column, a taste…more below the virtual fold. 

While several factors have contributed to soaring food prices, what really stands out is the extent to which severe weather events have disrupted agricultural production. And these severe weather events are exactly the kind of thing we’d expect to see as rising concentrations of greenhouse gases change our climate — which means that the current food price surge may be just the beginning.

Politics as Usual Betrays the Planet

Paul Krugman, throwing down the gauntlet. Seems unfair that this guy writes better on climate than nearly any other lefty commentator around — and it's not even his field. Is it fair to call climate denial a form of treason? Isn’t it politics as usual? Yes, it is — and that’s why it’s unforgivable. DoContinue reading “Politics as Usual Betrays the Planet”

Monsters in the Wilderness: the GOP Regroups

Paul Krugman is not just a Nobel Prize-winning economist. He's also a writer with real power and economy — one of the best columnists in the country. Here's an example, from a Wednesday post: ….for the past 14 years America’s political life has been largely dominated by, well, monsters. Monsters like Tom DeLay, who suggestedContinue reading “Monsters in the Wilderness: the GOP Regroups”

Democrats Poised for November Landslipe, Economic Model Predicts

Krugman runs the numbers and concludes: Right now, GDP is flat (falling in the monthly estimates); Bush has a negative net approval of 30 percent or more; and people are tired of Republicans. So it ought to be a smashing Democratic victory. When I plug current numbers into the Abramowitz model (making a guess aboutContinue reading “Democrats Poised for November Landslipe, Economic Model Predicts”