“We’re living in the future”: rainfall variability

The Ojai Valley News encouraged me while at a scientific conference in San Francisco last December to pursue a story about rainfall variability in Ojai and Southern California: here it begins. “Last month was one of the driest Februaries ever in the recorded history of Southern California, according to the National Weather Service, with one-tenthContinue reading ““We’re living in the future”: rainfall variability”

PDO turns positive: what does this mean for West Coast?

It's crazy how warm the Pacific is these days. Yet another story from the hard-working Chris Mooney at the Washington Post points to "the blob" of warmth in the Pacific off California. Here's a map of sea surface temperature anomalies that gives an idea of that blob: It's been extraordinarily warm in the Pacific, and inContinue reading “PDO turns positive: what does this mean for West Coast?”

When the L.A. River (and Sisar Creek) ran wild

This month in this part of Southern California, we've had a lowly 36% of average rainfall (although precipitation in this region of the world is so variable that "average" is more of a mathematical construct than a reality to be relied on). Still, we've had about five inches of rain, roughly half of what itContinue reading “When the L.A. River (and Sisar Creek) ran wild”

How was that El Nino for you, SoCal?

Emily Green's Chance of Rain posts on the rainy season we had, and our usual dry six months to come, going to Bill Patzert for the meteorolgical crux. In response to a question, the famous forecaster from JPL/NASA said: After the Vernal Equinox (lMarch 20th), the Northern Hemisphere begins to rapidly warm up. This expands theContinue reading “How was that El Nino for you, SoCal?”

Enjoying the May Grey

Forecasts say it won’t last much longer this week, with interior valley temps in SoCal expected to climb into the 80’s and even the 90’s by Wednesday. (Some uncertainty remains in the forecast, but a high is expected to build that will end the onshore flow, I regret to report.) Enjoy it while it lasts,Continue reading “Enjoying the May Grey”