America’s top climatologist arrested at White House

Wish I could have been there to report on the tar sands protests, but… Solve Climate News: What is motivating you to travel to the White House and risk arrest? James Hansen: Einstein said to think and not act is a crime. If we understand the situation, we must try to make it clear. IContinue reading “America’s top climatologist arrested at White House”

Barack Obama is Not a Hippie

Which is probably why he won't go for this "White House organic farm" idea. Barack Obama is a liberal Democrat but not a hippie. He prefers jet planes to busses, cuts his hair about as short as a politician can, dresses immaculately but simply, and speaks admiringly of traditions such as faith, hard work, andContinue reading “Barack Obama is Not a Hippie”

White House Officials Choreograph Torture Sessions

Political playwrights around the world sat up and paid attention this evening — or should have — as for the first time details about how the Bush administration "choreographed" the torture of Al Qaeda suspects became public. According to ABC NEWS, via TPM, a group called The Principals gathered in the White House to discussContinue reading “White House Officials Choreograph Torture Sessions”