The sexiness of a stupid woman, according to science

In Slate, a science reporter specializing in sex, Jesse Bering, reports on a new study that finds that women who look drunk and/or stupid are especially attractive to straight men.   The study has problems — for one, a lack of a good control sample. For another, the hypothesis (that men find women who appearContinue reading “The sexiness of a stupid woman, according to science”

It’s not the heat, it’s…

From Rob Rogers of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: In some cases of denial, it's stupidity. In some cases, it's insanity. But as Rogers said: The heat dome that has been gripping the nation has been unbearable. It is almost as unbearable as people who still refuse to believe in climate change. While one hot summer isContinue reading “It’s not the heat, it’s…”