The allure of the apocalypse: Dark Awe

An essay from Steve Almond a couple of weeks ago in the NYTimes Sunday magazine, has been haunting me. As they say in songs, it went something like this: As a form of disposable entertainment, the apocalypse market is booming. The question is why. The obvious answer is that these narratives tap into anxieties, consciousContinue reading “The allure of the apocalypse: Dark Awe”

The Last Myth: the problem with apocalyptic warnings

From a new book about the perils of apocalyptic thinking called The Last Myth. To understand why fewer people believe in climate change even as evidence mounts, we must look beyond the industry-funded movement to deny the reality and effects of climate change. Perhaps equally important — if not quite equally culpable — has beenContinue reading “The Last Myth: the problem with apocalyptic warnings”

Australian Winter Turns Apocalyptic: Global Warming Blamed

Is my headline an exaggeration of reality?  If you ask a denier site such as Watts Up With That, no doubt they would scoff, and say it's the usual natural variability. But deniers not only ignore the bad news about global warming obvious to most people on the ground, in places like Sydney and SoCal,Continue reading “Australian Winter Turns Apocalyptic: Global Warming Blamed”

Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Our Children for the Apocalypse? A Panel Discussion

From The Onion, of course. Incredibly funny, unsurprisingly. Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Children For The Apocalypse?

China Fouls Environment; Tolerates Environmentalists

Fasincating story by Cynthia Larson in The Washington Monthly on China called The Green Leap Forward. Topics for further research: the story came out of a lengthy reporting trip, and has too much content to be reduced to a single point or two, but it has many shocking facts. For one, it claims that onContinue reading “China Fouls Environment; Tolerates Environmentalists”