Heat to blast SoCal: Fire Weather

It’s going to be crazy hot the next couple of days here in Ojai (112 on Friday they say) and in coastal Southern California this weekend. In the words of Weather West (aka climate scientist Daniel Swain): …in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties, especially, the heat from Fri-Sun will be extreme due to theContinue reading “Heat to blast SoCal: Fire Weather”

Atmospheric River to hit Bay Area, maybe SoCal

Eric Holthaus, a journalist/meteorologist for Slate, fills us in on the good news of an atmospheric river hitting California this week.  This week’s storm will usher in an atmospheric river event, also known as the “pineapple express,” peaking late Wednesday and Thursday. The National Weather Service office in the Bay Area has predicted “the strongest stormContinue reading “Atmospheric River to hit Bay Area, maybe SoCal”

NorCal preps for promised ARKstorm: 12 Inches?

CA has had no significant extreme weather since December 2010, when a series of atmospheric rivers took an unexpected tour fhrough Southern California. Both the precipitation totals and the graphics for "ARKstorms" are jaw-dropping. In 2011, the USGS issued a massive report on an ARKstorm that left the entire Central Valley approximately six inches deep in water, forcedContinue reading “NorCal preps for promised ARKstorm: 12 Inches?”

La Niña misses SoCal, hits Sun Belt

As we've been discussing over the last few months, this past year's La Niña has been a bust in Southern California. What was expected to be a dry winter with winds and heat turned out to be a wet, blustery winter with massive Sierran snowpack.  But not so across the U.S! As the NY Times reportedContinue reading “La Niña misses SoCal, hits Sun Belt”

What the heck is going on with this La Niña?

Isn't it supposed to be cold and dry in SoCal during a La Niña, not wet and warm? Craig Miller of KQED asks questions, and gets answers from the helpful Kevin Trenberth of NCAR: "In La Niña conditions, which is what we have now, the main storms that come into North America come barreling intoContinue reading “What the heck is going on with this La Niña?”

Why would you want to leave coastal California?

That's what Monarch butterflies in SoCal are thinking. Makes one wonder how hard-wired some of these so-called "instincts" really are. Here's a picture of garden designer David Snow petting a Monarch caterpillar. A fun story for me to cover…off again now to the Sierras, this time to the Thousand-Island Lake area. Back a week fromContinue reading “Why would you want to leave coastal California?”

Theme song for the drought-averse in SoCal

It's raining, slightly, and yes, I'm happy…we're now at about 110% of normal, which is pretty much right on the button of what Terry Schaeffer, forecaster extraordinaire, predicted for Ventura County in January.  http://www.lala.com/external/flash/SingleSongWidget.swf Only Happy When It Rains – Gar…

El Nino sceptic repents as rain continues to fall

Bill Patzert and "The Los Angeles Times" are likethis, as the gossip columnists say, and deservedly so: the newspaper is by far the biggest in the West, and Patzert is the most interesting forecaster in our region, perhaps the country.  For one, he admits when he gets it wrong. How many other forecasters confess?  HeContinue reading “El Nino sceptic repents as rain continues to fall”

Can’t They See the World’s on Fire?

We haven't even reached the real Santa Ana season yet, and yet the hellish feeling of being trapped in a SoCal with a conflagration at our backs is all too with us these days. Even if it's not true at this moment. So instead of posting about climate change again (oh gawd) I'm going toContinue reading “Can’t They See the World’s on Fire?”