A Republican compares climatologists to doctors

A nice piece in the Columbia Journalism Review's science writing blog — The Observatory — looks at the reluctance of the Republican field to utter the word "climate" in their most recent debate.  If none of the presidential candidates mentioned climate, it is likely because they have already made it abundantly clear that they areContinue reading “A Republican compares climatologists to doctors”

What does the GOP really want in the budget showdown?

According to TPM, the sticking point in the budget stalemate is not a number of billions cut from the overall budget, but funding for family planning, not to mention preventing the EPA and other agencies from protecting the nation's natural health.  According to OMB Watch, the GOP has attached riders restricting everything from funding of WhiteContinue reading “What does the GOP really want in the budget showdown?”

GOP backs “skeptic” scientist who mirrors Hansen’s data

Look familiar?  The blue line in the above graph represents the global temperature dataset gathered by James Hansen and his team at GISS/NASA over the last twenty years. Hansen has presented this chard and this data countless times at countless talks on countless occasions around the world.  The black line represents a "skeptical" scientist's interpretationContinue reading “GOP backs “skeptic” scientist who mirrors Hansen’s data”

“Radical libertarians” hijack GOP, says Republican

Andy Revkin interviews a frustrated David Jenkins, of Republicans for Environmental Protection, a group that has been around for decades, but has been pushed to the edge of irrelevance this century:   Jenkins speaks out:  …the Republican Party has been hijacked. I maintain that it is being unduly influenced by what I call “pretend conservatives.”Continue reading ““Radical libertarians” hijack GOP, says Republican”

The Worst Sexual Double Standard in Politics Today

Meghan McCain speaks out against the Puritanism of the GOP today, in a post for The Daily Beast called The GOP Is Clueless About Sex: Perhaps the worst sexual double standard in politics right now is that too many subconsciously believe Republican women are void of sexual desire altogether. Good point, Meghan. One wonders: HowContinue reading “The Worst Sexual Double Standard in Politics Today”

On Hypocritical Philandering Right-Wing Politicians

Such as Nevada senator John Ensign; well, I'm with Matt Taibbi.  [pic of the Senator with Miss Nevada USA for 2006, Tiffany, from 2006 Nevada Queens] He had an affair with a campaign aide, not Tiffany, but as Taibbi said: I am going to really enjoy the inevitable media fragging Senator John Ensign is goingContinue reading “On Hypocritical Philandering Right-Wing Politicians”

Republican Nonsense in Climate Protection Debate

The US Global Change Research Program, which has been studying climate change since the early 1990's, issued an unusually blunt, cogent report this week, with numerous alarming points, such as: 1. Global warming is unequivocal and primarily human-induced. 2. Climate changes are underway in the United States and are projected to grow.3. Widespread climate-related impactsContinue reading “Republican Nonsense in Climate Protection Debate”