How to start a conversation: David Brooks

David Brooks, the conservative columnist for The New York Times, can be irritating to a Californian:  During his first term, President Obama faced a wicked problem: How do you govern in a highly polarized, evenly divided country with House Republicans who seem unwilling to compromise?  The GOP did not "seem" to be unwilling to compromise.Continue reading “How to start a conversation: David Brooks”

Why Romney deserved to lose: Daniel Larison

Daniel Larison writes a fitting political epitaph for Mitt:  Romney represented almost everything that was wrong, misguided, and self-destructive in the Republican Party and the conservative movement. His defeat is a good outcome for the cause of peace and liberty in the country as a whole and within the Republican Party. The public rejected aContinue reading “Why Romney deserved to lose: Daniel Larison”

Daniel Larison: GOP is a party about nothing

Strange irony of the political punditry today: Nobody, but nobody, has been tougher on the GOP than the gang at The American Conservative. Here's Daniel Larison on what the Republicans will learn from their loss this fall:  The GOP’s predicament is that it is mostly running on nothing, or at least nothing that isn’t aContinue reading “Daniel Larison: GOP is a party about nothing”

Salt Lake City Doctor: GOP/Romney energy policy filthy

Startlingly fresh climate change commentary from a medical doctor in Salt Lake City:  As I listened to Mitt Romney deliver his energy plan for America and read the Republican Party platform, I was struck by parallels to a book about the atrocious medical care given to President James Garfield after he was shot on JulyContinue reading “Salt Lake City Doctor: GOP/Romney energy policy filthy”

Limbaugh a threat to GOP, warns conservative — in 2009

Almost exactly three years ago, David Frum — for decades a proud Reaganaut who, among his other efforts for the conservative cause, wrote speeches for George W. Bush — broke from right-wing orthodoxy and denounced Rush Limbaugh as a danger to the party.  Every day, Rush Limbaugh reassures millions of core Republican voters that noContinue reading “Limbaugh a threat to GOP, warns conservative — in 2009”

Santorum: Best line of the last GOP debate

Prominent lefties and journos independently say that Rick Santorum blew it in the last debate of the Republican primary, but surely he had the line of the night: From Dan Balz:  When Romney noted that he had balanced the Massachusetts budget for four straight years, Santorum scoffed, saying that was required by the state’s constitution.Continue reading “Santorum: Best line of the last GOP debate”

Santorum: Global Warming is a dangerous world view

Leading in the national polls in the Republican party, at least for this week, Rick Santorum denies on Face the Nation that he ever said President Obama wasn't a Christian, though he implied as much yesterday with a remark about his phony theology. Today he implies that Obama's faith has been corrupted by environmentalism:  IContinue reading “Santorum: Global Warming is a dangerous world view”

How far we have come on global warming — not!

Yesterday Jason Margolis for The World had an absolutely first-class analysis of the presidential politics of global warming. He began with the GOP front-runner's silence on the issue, which Margolis contrasted against the GOP candidate of four years ago. Here's what John McCain said about climate change while running for President as a Republican: “It’sContinue reading “How far we have come on global warming — not!”

Congress cuts weather satellite funding in disastrous year

The weather in these United States has been truly frightful in the last couple of years, as this graph — provided to Congress with testimony from NOAA administrator Kathryn Sullivan last month — illustrates: [The graph shows the number of events from last year, but this year will be worse, Sullivan said] Yet as theContinue reading “Congress cuts weather satellite funding in disastrous year”