The Bushian View of Antarctica

Tom Toles of the Washington-Post is the editorial cartoonist most concerned with the fate of the natural world, by far, but he’s also the editorial cartoonist best able to find humor in our Prez’s view of the world, sez me. It’s a balancing act that leads to some unforgettable visions…even in his sketches.

Global Warming Extinction: One Species Takes Note

Does Toles know something the rest of us don’t? As far as I can tell, the GOP has little interest in global warming, and no interest in preventing the extinction of vast numbers of our fellow mortals. Despite the fact that numerous anecdotal accounts suggest that the younger generation is turning against the GOP, mostlyContinue reading “Global Warming Extinction: One Species Takes Note”

Changes in Outlook, Changes in Look

Special thanks to Alberto Berio, of Artillery Unit (see design link below right) for helping with the new look. Comments, complaints, discussion welcome as always. But now on to more serious topics, treated (I hope) with our customary blend of fact and irreverence. To wit, here’s a Tom Toles’ sketch on the upcoming hurricane season…andContinue reading “Changes in Outlook, Changes in Look”