The pen is mightier than the Mitt Romney

As the inevitability of dreary Mitt Romney's candidacy for President for the GOP becomes inescapable, one has to wonder — will today's character artists be able to make fun of him? Will he be a target-rich opportunity, as exemplified by the likes of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, or will he just be bland, likeContinue reading “The pen is mightier than the Mitt Romney”

The Seven Steps of Global Warming (a primer for deniers, by Toles)

According to Wunderblog's Jeff Masters. this month we've seen $2 billion damage on the Mississippi, a diastrous 300-year flood in Alberta, and flooding in Colombia the likes of which has never been seen. He quotes Colombia's president, Juan Manuel Santos, who after 500+ deaths, said, "the tragedy the country is going through has no precedents in ourContinue reading “The Seven Steps of Global Warming (a primer for deniers, by Toles)”

Climate change and income distribution: real change vs political

The big changes underway in this country are not political, despite the headlines. Divided government: What a shock! Never would've seen that one coming. A much bigger change has taken place in the nature of our economy, and in the nature of our atmosphere, and these are changes the Tea Party can't face, and thusContinue reading “Climate change and income distribution: real change vs political”

Boiled Frogs May Die, but the Metaphor Won’t

A week ago James Fallows declared victory over the boiled frogs metaphor, when the hard-htting Paul Krugman brought up the old saw about frogs who won't jump out of a pot brought slowly to a boil. but didn't fall for it. But tonight on his web-only sketchbook Tom Toles, who can draw as well asContinue reading “Boiled Frogs May Die, but the Metaphor Won’t”

George Will is an Irresponsible Jerk

Okay, that's putting it bluntly, and perhaps on matters besides global warming, Will is a trustworthy friend, a good father, faithful husband, a and so on and so forth. On all that, I have no idea. But when it comes to climate change, Will is the bow-tied personification of another George — Bush. He's incuriousContinue reading “George Will is an Irresponsible Jerk”

Climate Change: A Back-Burner Issue

According to Toles, maybe not: Much as I dislike giving credit to a fake enviro like Thomas Friedman for writing about the environment, his column yesterday effectively made some important points no other nationally syndicated columnist has dared put forth, at least that I know of. The column is called Mother Nature's Dow: Mother NatureContinue reading “Climate Change: A Back-Burner Issue”