“We will not leave our problems for our children unresolved”: Marco Rubio

Senator-elect Marco Rubio gave a fascinating speech Tuesday night in Florida. It's been widely broadcast, major portions even on All Things Considered, but hasn't been available in print on the Web (not that I have found, anyhow). So here, as a public service, let me present the two-edged sword of Republican idealism and denial.  Americans believeContinue reading ““We will not leave our problems for our children unresolved”: Marco Rubio”

Denier claims Russian heat wave “random numbers”

According to the Russian Meterological Center, the heat wave and forest fires afflicting that nation are the worst seen in at least a thousand years. Russia has recently seen the longest unprecedented heat wave for at least one thousand years, the head of the Russian Meteorological Center said on Monday…. “We have an ‘archive’ ofContinue reading “Denier claims Russian heat wave “random numbers””

Global Warming: Controversy becomes Common Sense

According to an informal poll taken by the Ojai Valley News, our recent heatwave is probably related to global warming. Scientists would be quick to point out that we cannot see climate patterns, which  we measure in thirty-year spans, in weather, which will pass in days. But climatologists will concede that our heat waves areContinue reading “Global Warming: Controversy becomes Common Sense”

Temp: Hot! Outlook: Cooler (says soils forecast)

Southern California has been baking in a nasty heat wave for the last five days; it’s expected to last another day. Yet the experimental NOAA temperature outlook says it’s going to be cooler than usual this September, if the blue squares along the California coast can be trusted. In fact, earlier this year NOAA forecasterContinue reading “Temp: Hot! Outlook: Cooler (says soils forecast)”

Why Can’t American Forecasters Be This Frank?

The New York Times reports record high temperatures in Europe: PARIS, April 30 — The month of April was so warm and so dry across Western Europe that it rewrote the weather record books in country after country, national weather services said today, as hot air masses from Africa and the effects of a changingContinue reading “Why Can’t American Forecasters Be This Frank?”