Obama to blame for drought: John Boehner (R – Ohio)

Today John Boehner, who leads the Republican majority in the House, pointed the finger of blame at President Obama for the drought withering the Midwest. No, really. According to the Financial Times (reg. required) he said that "…the president continues to blame anyone and everyone for the drought but himself.”  Okay, maybe he just omittedContinue reading “Obama to blame for drought: John Boehner (R – Ohio)”

The moment when our leaders gave up on saving the world

Not my words, but those of Die Spiegel, the leading German publication, which released a recording of what was said inside the room among top leaders from around the world in Cophenhagen, in December 2009, in negotiations to save the climate. Their reporters wrote: The West, [then French President Nicholas] Sarkozy said, had pledged to reduceContinue reading “The moment when our leaders gave up on saving the world”

“I will not walk away from the promise of green energy”: Obama

This year, despite the failure of the solar firm Solyndra, to which a half-billion dollars of Federal aid was guaranteed, President Obama reaffirmed his support of green energy. He said so in January, when the right was stirring on pot of this issue, reminding one and all of a lost $535 million. The Prez confronted theContinue reading ““I will not walk away from the promise of green energy”: Obama”

How far we have come on global warming — not!

Yesterday Jason Margolis for The World had an absolutely first-class analysis of the presidential politics of global warming. He began with the GOP front-runner's silence on the issue, which Margolis contrasted against the GOP candidate of four years ago. Here's what John McCain said about climate change while running for President as a Republican: “It’sContinue reading “How far we have come on global warming — not!”

Epic win for greens on Keystone XL: Dave Roberts

The Grist editor writes:  For a year now, courageous activists, Midwestern farmers, unions, and indigenous groups have rallied in an unprecedented display of public opposition to the destructive Keystone XL pipeline proposal. That grassroots movement pushed us to the brink of victory — and today, it seems, the GOP has pushed us over the line.Continue reading “Epic win for greens on Keystone XL: Dave Roberts”

Unemployment falls, surprising/pleasing pundits

The New Yorker is thrilled: This is the best piece of economic news that President Obama has received in many a moon. On CNBC’s Squawk Box, a former chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers said, “The trend I am seeing … is that things have turned around.” And he went on: “PeopleContinue reading “Unemployment falls, surprising/pleasing pundits”

Obama delays Keystone XL pipeline decision

The Obama administration, in a major concession to climate activists, is putting off the Keystone XL pipeline decision.  “Because this permit decision could affect the health and safety of the American people as well as the environment, and because a number of concerns have been raised through a public process,” President Obama said in aContinue reading “Obama delays Keystone XL pipeline decision”

Obama takes responsibility for Keystone XL: Why?

Maybe Obama isn't as calculating as he sometimes appears.  Or maybe he's fighting for his political life.  This impressive story by a reporter for Huffpo relates how the Keystone pipleline became a trainwreck inside the administration after the State department screwed up the environmental review. Hillary Clinton's State Department has now spent more than threeContinue reading “Obama takes responsibility for Keystone XL: Why?”

Obama administration chooses tar sands over climate

As numerous cynics expected, the Obama administration is giving every sign that it will choose to support the Keystone XL pipeline, even if it means the end to the climate as we know it.  “It’s not perfect, but it’s a trade off,” [Secretary of Energy Steven] Chu said. Meanwhile, it's curious that the most passionateContinue reading “Obama administration chooses tar sands over climate”

Metaphor watch: Cliches get Obama in trouble again

As Matt Iglesias (channeling Paul Krugman) points out, the fact that the Obama administration used misleading, overused metaphors to describe the problems afflicting the American economy has a lot to do with the wide-spread but false perception that their efforts to revive the economy made it worse. Here's Krugman:  I still don’t know why theContinue reading “Metaphor watch: Cliches get Obama in trouble again”