The End of 9/11 Politics?

Fortune: Mr. McCain, what do you think is the single greatest economic threat to the United States? McCain at first says nothing. He sits in the corner of a sofa, one black, tasseled loafer propped against a coffee table. We’re in the presidential suite on the 41st floor of the New York Hilton. McCain hasContinue reading “The End of 9/11 Politics?”

McCain Bumper Stickers

The Kossacks go wild over a bumper sticker contest for McCain (here). Approaching 1,000 entries. Can’t blame ’em. The official McCain bumper sticker/slogan — Reform, Prosperity, and Peace — is not only an obvious advertising slogan without meaning, but instantly forgettable besides.  Much more fun to imagine what it should be. KOS opened the discussionContinue reading “McCain Bumper Stickers”

Battle of the Pollsters

People say we shouldn’t pay attention to the polls, but in an election like this one, how can a guy resist? Gallup on June 16: Obama 46 — McCain 42. FiveThirtyEight projection for November on June 16:  Obama 51.5 — McCain 48.5 Obama wins 305 electoral votes. Landslide ahead. Their conglomeration of polls showsContinue reading “Battle of the Pollsters”

The High Road to the White House: Why It Works

Today a couple of interesting data points came together on why taking the high road to the White House (inspiring voters with principle) is more likely to result in victory than the low road ("going negative"). First, from a recent Pew poll (here): For Obama, one of the most striking positives in the survey isContinue reading “The High Road to the White House: Why It Works”

Are Bush and Cheney Trying to Get McCain Defeated?

Monday Dick Cheney makes a hillbilly/incest joke at West Virginia’s expense, and after all the notable politicians in the state — Republicans and Democrats alike — protest, has to take it back. Tuesday Bush reveals that "we’ll be in Iraq for forty years"  thus perfectly reinforcing McCain’s gaffe about being in Iraq for 100 years.Continue reading “Are Bush and Cheney Trying to Get McCain Defeated?”

Betrayal, Says McClellan. No Problem, Says McCain

This morning Byron York, who is an excellent reporter even if he does work for the National Review, summarized the moment in press secretary Scott McClellan’s career when he went from spokesman for the President to critic of the President. The first [defining moment] was when McClellan told reporters that he had talked to KarlContinue reading “Betrayal, Says McClellan. No Problem, Says McCain”

Obama: Can He Be Trusted on Coal?

For enviros concerned about global warming, nothing matters more than opposing the construction of new coal plants, in this country and around the world. That’s because coal is by far the most carbon intensive of all fuels. James Hansen, the world’s leading climatologist, has been talking about its menace for years. In an op-ed publishedContinue reading “Obama: Can He Be Trusted on Coal?”

A President: Somebody Who Will Tell You the Truth

By God, an issue has cropped up in this three-person race for the Presidency, and two candidates have shown themselves ready and willing to become Panderer-in-Chief, and one has not. Numerous commentators have made the point: James Fallows: The pandering and ignorance-across-party-lines represented by the John McCain-Hillary Clinton united front for a temporary reduction inContinue reading “A President: Somebody Who Will Tell You the Truth”

“Gas Tax Holiday” Will Flop, Experts Say

Now that the would-be Panderer-in-Chief, Hillary Clinton, has joined with Republican candidate John McCain in calling for a "gas tax holiday" this summer, the Wa-Po’s "Fact Checker" asks: Will it work? Short answer: no. Why? Two words: supply and demand. Some economists say that a nationwide "gas tax holiday" would have even less impact onContinue reading ““Gas Tax Holiday” Will Flop, Experts Say”